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Token: Locate
Type: IO function
 [1] Locate <x>, <y>, "<text>"

 [2] Locate <x>, <y>, <expr>


[1] Outputs "<text>" to the text screen, starting from column <x>, row <y>.

[2] Outputs the value of <expr> to the text screen, starting from column <x>, row <y>.

Other information:

The text screen is 21 characters wide and 7 characters high. A syntax error will occur if <x> and <y> are not within these bounds (1 <= <x> < 22, 1 <= <y> < 8). If a non-integer value is supplied it gets rounded down to the nearest integer. If the text starts on the screen but then overflows outside of these bounds when output, the excess will just not be printed and no error will occur.
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