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Token: PxlOn
Type: IO function
[Orange |Green ]PxlOn <row>, <col>


Colours the pixel at row <row> from the top, column <col> from the left. If either Orange or Green are specified, the pixel will become that colour, otherwise it will be coloured blue.

Other information:

This is one of the Pxl... commands, which act directly on the graphics screen, rather than plotting a point relative to the current axes. If the standard range ('Range 1, 127, 0, 1, 63, 0') is being used, the same pixel could also be coloured using the command 'Plot <col>, 64-<row>'. Notice that the horizontal and vertical co-ordinates are referred to in the opposite order, and that the vertical co-ordinate is measured in the opposite direction. Using the range 'Range 1, 127, 0, 63, 1, 0' will give axes which are measured from the top down so that it is only necessary to swap the order of the co-ordinates when changing between axes-based and screen-based commands.

Unlike the Plot command, this command cannot be followed by a display triangle (_) to allow direct pixel editing.

   Command     Speed (pxl/s)
   Plot            7
   Pxl...         11
   Plot...        11

See also: PxlOff, PxlChg, PxlTest, PlotOn, PlotOff, PlotChg, Plot, Line
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